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You started your business based on a passion, a dream & a goal. What a coincidence - so did I.

"It has been an absolute pleasure working hand in hand with Michelle Dempsey. She is fast, efficient, and is always able communicate quickly. Our blogs and newsletters have been easily streamlined thanks to Michelle's efforts. Clients are responding more than ever to our newsletters and our list has more than doubled since Michelle took over. I can't wait to continue working with Michelle in the future!"



Content Marketing & BRANDING

What is content marketing?

According to this article in Forbes, content marketing is defined as a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. The key word here is “valuable.”

So what does content marketing with Michelle Dempsey look like?


Email marketing

Website Development

Brand Development

Social Media Strategy

(all rolled into one.)

For the best content marketing strategy for your business, Michelle will apply her notoriously collaborative approach to learning the ins and outs of your business from the ground up.  Michelle and her team will craft well-written and informative content to help drive the message of your business in a forward-thinking and strategic way.

In today’s business world, your brand is only as valuable as the content that supports it. Add value to your brand – add Michelle Dempsey content marketing.

Brand Storytelling

Part of your story is the story of your customers. How does your product or service help their lives?

Brand storytelling is the ability to put the power of your brand into words. You know the importance of what your brand brings to the table, but how are you sharing that with the world?

With Michelle Dempsey, brand storytelling happens after a taking a thorough look into your business goals and determining your target market.

The kind of story your business tells, will determine the kind of success it’ll bring you.

Make sure your brand tells the best story possible with Michelle Dempsey.

Brand Development and Consulting

What is your message, your brand, and the thing that sets you apart in business? 

Get inspired with individual Consulting from Michelle.

Michelle Dempsey coaching services involve collaborative, hands-on consulting sessions that put all the right tools in your hands. Learn her strategies for helping your writing develop a voice and tone that is synonymous with your style. Learn how to give your brand a voice and make it come alive. That is Michelle Dempsey’s specialty – a brand you can't ignore.

Website Design

Whether you are rebranding or starting fresh, we’ll help you design a website that perfectly reflects who you are and what your business represents. With our comprehensive assessment of your business and your marketing needs, we’ll collaboratively put together a website that works for you.

Your website is like the foundation of your house. It needs to be solid, sturdy, and able to withstand the ever-changing demands of your business.

Michelle will help you determine a website layout that works for your industry, and will write content that transforms your brand and sets you apart from competitors. This involves keyword strategy, sales copy, and image consulting to make sure your website perfectly represents your vision.

Email Marketing & Content Writing

We connect with your audience in your brand voice, whether it’s homepage copy, your blog, or your email marketing message.

Whether you have multiple products to share on your website, or need the right words for your advertising and marketing campaign, Michelle Dempsey and her team offer the best content writing for any and all of your business related needs.



Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 1.47.55 PM.png

Empowering and motivating audiences, sharing important business strategy, and injecting some much needed humor into the world, on a regular basis.

Allow Michelle to empower your audience with her powerful personal story or motivate your team to build on their communication strategies.

Michelle regularly speaks to audiences on topics such as business development, entrepreneurship, empowerment, motherhood, and motivation. Her ability to connect with audiences and passionately share her own life experiences not only deeply touches her audience, she leaves a lasting impact on everyone she meets.

Michelle has spoken at various schools, nonprofit organizations, corporate institutions, and women's groups, expos, and large events.

Email michelle@michelledempsey.com for more information.


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