The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS a Blog

MichelleCareer Advice

Writer, Editor, Speak-2Here’s why:

To put it simply? You have something to say – you just may not know it yet. If you are a new business owner, a wildly successful business owner, or even just thinking of starting your own business, it’s safe to assume that you have a service to provide that you feel very strongly about. What good is all of that if you’re relying on marketing tactics that don’t necessarily take your voice, ideas, and sweat-producing hustle you engaged in to get this business off the ground?

That’s where a business blog comes in. Any business worth their salt is jumping on the blog bandwagon not just for the aforementioned reason. There’s a magic associated with projecting your voice in the way of a strategically-crafted, professionally-written, regularly-posted blogs.

As an ex-New Yorker, I can safely say – the only traffic I enjoy is web traffic. And with blogs about your business? You’re in the money, because every time you post a new blog (no matter what it’s about), you’re adding one more indexed page on your site, which means you have a much greater chance of showing up in search engines, and you know what that means…

2. Better search results = more business!
It doesn’t take Mark Cuban to figure out that the more your business gets noticed, the more successful it’ll be. It’s common sense – more views lead to better results. Take me for example – one blog turned into two, two turned into twenty-five, and before I knew it, major publications were asking ME to write for them!

3. It helps secure a sense of power.
Because knowledge equals power. Because the more you share the knowledge of your industry in professionally-written blog posts, the more you establish your authority and credibility in your sector and amongst your competitors. Because the more you establish authority, the more sought-out you’ll be. The more business you’ll secure. The more money you can charge. The happier you’ll be. You see where I’m going with this?

So let’s recap, class. Why do businesses need professionally-written blog posts? Traffic, business growth, and power. Now what can be better than that?

I can’t wait to help you get there. Let’s get you very well-written.