Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World

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Michelle Dempsey, Writer

Michelle Dempsey Writer


There is something so heavy about the term “conformist,” and something so light about its antonym – “non-conformist.”

It’s as if to say – if you’re a conformist, you’re stuck – robbed of all of your inherent desires and beliefs in order to fit a certain standard – lost between “good on paper and “good for me.”

A nonconformist, however, is thought of as “flighty.” Can’t follow the rules. Short-sighted. Irresponsible.

The good news for all of us creative minds, is that the non-conformist rep has gotten a major overhaul for the better in recent time. Thanks largely in part, to Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World.

Penned by Adam Grant, one of the most compelling and provocative thought leaders of his generation, Originals addresses the idea of taking on the challenge of improving the world, from the perspective of becoming an original, non-conformist member of society. Grant stands behind the choice to drive forth with novel ideas and values that don’t quite fall under the typical norms, kick outdated traditions to the curb, and choose to go against the grain – or rather, what’s “safe.”

I can guarantee you, that Steve Hartman, inventor of the pool noodle – wasn’t stuck thinking inside the box – he clearly leapt right out of it – with a relaxing dip in the pool on his now-famous pool noodle, which was obviously, quite a tough sell (and pretty laughable idea).

Who’s laughing now???

This book doesn’t just ask the question – it shouts it from the proverbial rooftop:


Every single one of us walks around this planet with those ideas in our heads that we keep buried deep inside, for fear that the rest of the world won’t take to them as easily. If you’re a conformist – you have no desire to shake the planet with something different. But if you fall victim to the fear, pull the blanket of safety over your eyes, you are not only stifling your potential, you are hindering your ability to bless the world with your creative gifts

Not only does Grant motivate through real-life examples of pioneers in the business, entertainment and sports worlds, he teaches the power behind expressing your originality with confidence while avoiding the possibility of being “shut down.” Nothing stifles a great idea like the opinions you least wanted – and with Originals, you’ll find the tools to blockade the naysayers while building a strong team of ally’s.

This book had me thinking about my own less-than-typical ideas and had me ready to shout, “Who’s coming with me?!?”

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