Letter to My Daughter


To My Beautiful, Thriving, Princess,

By the time you can read this, you may have already rolled your eyes at that fact that I wrote you a letter.

But I have something important to share with you.

You may be sick and tired of me telling you to love yourself, be proud of yourself, and remain true to your individuality.

You may think I’m annoying, or maybe a bit nuts, and while this could all very well be true, there’s a little something you should know about your mommy.

Before you, I wasn’t me.

Before you, I was broken. Badly broken. A type of broken I couldn’t ever put into words but could only hope you’d never understand.

You see, I didn’t love myself, have any pride, or even understand the ability of being able to stay true to my individuality.

Before you, I wasn’t me.

When I found out I’d be bringing you into this world. I panicked. Freaked out. Became sad at the thought that I might not be strong enough to be the type of mom you needed. To teach you how to love yourself when I couldn’t even be kind to myself. To force you to be proud of each unique quality you possess, flaws and all.

But then I met you, and instantly, I knew just how to be what you needed. In fact, for the first time, I loved myself. I was proud of myself. I realized why my flaws were so powerful.

When you were born, I was too.

With the first touch of your skin, everything made sense. With the first kiss, I knew that all of it, all of the pain, suffering, sadness, doubt, and self-hatred were all for a reason. They were all to lead me to this.

To you.

And that’s why I know that if I can do it, if I can make my life everything I dreamed it could be, then you can too, without question.

Stop rolling your eyes. Because you need to know, that before you, I wasn’t me. But when you were born, I was too.

And in that birth, came the knowledge that our setbacks, our pain, our heartbreak, our unrequited love – it’s all part of the game. Part of the plan. Part of the puzzle.

So here’s the plan.

No matter what life throws at you, remember that you’re not like the rest of them. No matter how you’re made to feel by anyone else, remember that you’ve got this. No matter how hard times may get, how much you feel disappointed in yourself, how much you wish for better circumstances, you are built to come out ahead. You are built to win. It’s in your DNA whether you like it or not.

How do I know this?

Because when you were born, you brought a grown woman back to life. You taught your mother how to love herself, find her passion, become a successful business woman, and love without fear.

You are not like the rest of them.

You are powerful, my love. You have a fierce independent spirit, a confidence unlike anything I’ve seen, and a self-assured sense of self that blows my mind. All of which I never had.

So do not, under any circumstances or for any reason, let anyone take this from you. It’s what’s going to carry you very far in life – and I can’t wait to sit back and let you continue to blow my mind, with each passing year of your life.

And you will, because you have a mother who will remind you each and every day of the great power that you possess, and that you’re not like the rest of them…Don’t ever be like the rest of them.

Thank you, for making me “me,” and for allowing me to find the beauty in life.

Now go back to changing the world.

I love you.

Your Mommy!



Originally posted in Creative Child