Parenting Summed Up in Quotes


My daughter is turning two this month. But if you knew her, I wouldn’t have to tell you this. You’d just know. You’d know from the outfit she’s wearing, because she insisted on picking it out herself. You’d know from the fact that she has cookie crumbs on her cheek at school drop-off at 8am, because little mama wasn’t eating … Read More

Letter to My Daughter


To My Beautiful, Thriving, Princess, By the time you can read this, you may have already rolled your eyes at that fact that I wrote you a letter. But I have something important to share with you. You may be sick and tired of me telling you to love yourself, be proud of yourself, and remain true to your individuality. You … Read More

The One Painful Lesson I Was Happy to Learn in 2016

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Yesterday, I was treated to the mac daddy of all women’s fantasies. I was invited by one of the top 25 spas in the nation to indulge in a day of pampering and relaxation – full of champagne, soaking tubs, and sweet treats – completely free of charge. I was escorted to a private spa room, complete with my own … Read More

2016 Was The Year

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Let’s just call it what it was. 2016 was a sh*t show of a year. The politics. The media. The terrorism. My personal life. Yes, on the most personal of personal notes, my 2016 was as hard as they come. Really f*cking hard. The kind of hard that makes or breaks you, reminds you that life is in no way … Read More

The Perfect Work-at-Home Routine

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When I first made the transition from traditional full-time employment to work-from-home entrepreneur, you could say I was a bit clueless as to what life would really be like. I remember thinking, “I’ll get my workouts done in the morning, clean the house, sit down to work, and then whip up a healthy dinner for my family, EVERY SINGLE DAY!” … Read More

A Survival Guide for Work-From-Home Parents


Survival Guide For Work-At-Home Parents

People are always asking me how I manage to consistently work as much as I do with a toddler in the house. It makes me feel great that I have somehow made this near-impossible feat look easy, but I can assure you that it’s anything but.   I’d sometimes liken it to nailing jello to the wall. I made the … Read More

Our Maternity Leave Policies Endanger Mothers And Babies


Michelle Dempsey, Writer

I woke up to the news this week that yet another beautiful baby had died in day care—just a few hours into her first day, no less. And I’m furious. At just 3 months old, McKenna Felmly’s mother dropped her off at a day care facility not knowing that she’d never see her precious girl’s smile ever again, only because it was time … Read More